Being A Girl While Travelling With O.b

Long term travel for women is a lot harder than it is for men. Not only do we deal with the waxing, and razors lack having to find a salon where the staff speak English, but making sure that you’re not offending the cultural norms by even asking.

I’ve been in countries where I would have traded half of my belonging for a day at the spa. Seriously, we take mani and pedi days for granted here.

But that’s not all- the worst thing about travelling as a woman is getting your period mid-trip. Not only are you dealing with Aunt Flo herself but she is often accompanied by cramps, headaches and cravings that were definitely not invited on your vacay. If you’re lucky enough to have her arrival timed down to the minute you can prepare but for some of us, it can be an unwelcomed surprise.

How to deal with you period while travelling

The reality is that we’re still not fully comfortable talking about our periods. Especially when we’re supposed to be adventurous and independent women who travel around the world at a moment’s notice.

Despite claims that pads are ‘no longer bulky’ and ‘move with you,’ I’m hard pressed to feel comfortable- not wearing them, but also carrying them around. Seriously, have you ever had to unpack and repack your bag quickly at the airport because you went a little crazy with shopping and needed to move things around? Remember that feeling of having your pads super visible? Yes, that isn’t the most comfortable feeling in the world.

Tampons with applicators are fine but the applicator itself can get crushed in your bag or for some unexplained reason, just don’t work. My personal preference is an applicator-less tampon like o.b. They are comfortable, discreet and according my experience, the most reliable tampon out there. They fit easily in your purse, backpack or even your make up bag and they feel like they aren’t even there.

The size is, obviously, one of the most unique features as it saves me room for shopping. Honestly, it may not sound like a huge thing to most people, but after spending most of the year, on the road in Europe and Asia for work, I have come to really appreciate anything that not only serves its purpose, but is also discreet.


O.b stands for ohne binde in German – or “without napkins.” They began 50 years ago with a German gynecologist on her personal quest for a smarter tampon. Her fruitless search led her to develop her own tampon design, one that was easy to use, comfortable and (most importantly), provided great protection. The original o.b tampon had no applicator and launched in Europe. It caught on in North America, due in large part to its phenomenal protection and inconspicuous size. O.b tampons are made of two types of rayon and a polyester string and 90% of raw materials used for o.b tampons come from renewable resources.* Good for you AND the environment!

Next time you’re packing your suitcase, purse or even clutch, throw in some o.b tampons and feel confident about surprise (or planned) visits from Aunt Flo.




This post is in partnership with O.b but the feelings are all ours.

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