Beauty Test Drive: Trind Nail Polishes

One of the reasons we love spring (besides the lack of snow) is the fact that we can find the perfect bright colour nail polish. Seriously, there is something about bright nail polish that instantly lifts your mood.

Being the girl who is really hard on her nails, I always look for products that help strengthen, and restore them- and when I find the right one, I test it religiously in the hope that I will never to have to look for another product again.

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The most recent product to cross my path on my quest for strong nails is the Trind polish collection- the Trind Keratin Treatment for Nails to more specific. The powerful duo of Keratin Nail Restorer, along with Keratin Nail Protector work wonderfully to help bring my nails back to life. Did you know that baseball players (pitchers) use Trind help keep their nails strong? Yeah- if it’s good enough for RA Dickey, it’s good enough for me!  I’ve been combining the Trind Keratin Treatment for Nails kit with their Spring colours, and have to say that I feel really ready for the warmer weather.

The Trind Spring/Summer 2014 Collection consists of 6 bright colours. The unique look of the bottle, along with the smaller brush makes applying polish a breeze. I know, most people are used to the bigger brushes these days, but I find that I have more control with the smaller brush, and I can get the look, and colour density that I want with only 2 coats. The best part of the polish is that it dries really quickly- a bonus feature for impatient people like me!

Trind spring summer 2014, nail polish, bright nail polish colours,

COLOURS (from left to right):

Appletini, Mint Julep, Surf’s Up, Mellow Yellow, Burst mijn Bubble, and Miss O’Hara

The Trind Spring/Summer 2014 Collection is available at and and is $13 per bottle.





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