Beauty Review: Biotherm Aquasource and Biosource

It’s funny how you start paying attention to your skin the moment you recognize signs of trouble.  I like to blame the colder than normal winter, or the lack of water in my system, but either way, I’m the hunt for a product line that works well with my sensitive skin, and is pretty simple to add to my routine already.

One of the best options that I’ve come across recently is the  Biotherm Aquasource and Biosource line. Seriously, they have everything covered, and really great for dry skin.

Need a quick intro the Biotherm Aquasource line?  Well, you’re in luck!

biotherm biosource aquasource

Aquasource 48h deep hydration replenishing gel:  Great for hydration during the winter. It’s non greasy, and a little goes a long way and your skin will love it!  50ml for $47

Aquasource Deep moisture and light concentrate: Having a dry skin day? Try this as it’s 3 times more concentrated as thick as the replenishing gel. A little goes a long way. It does feel lightweight, but it can get sticky if you use too much. 50ml for $60

Aquasource BB Cream Instant Beautifying Moisturizer: Light luminous coverage, with a built in moisturizer. I wouldn’t recommend using a separate moisturizer with it. 30ml for $37

Biosource Mousse Hydra-mineral cleaner toning mousse: Great option for sensitive skin. It removes pretty much all your makeup without leaving your skin tight. 150ml for $20

Biosource Lotion Instant hydration toning lotion: This is step two in the cleaning process. It needs to applied with a cotton pad, and leaves your skin clean, toned and hydrated. 200ml for $20

Aquasource Nuit High density hydrating jelly: This is the secret product for those who want supple and glowing skin. The drawbacks are that it takes a while to sink and can leave a greasy after feel.  ($50 CDN for 50ml)

If you want to learn more about the Aquasource line stop by Hudson’s Bay on Feb 14th from  12pm to 7pm to meet the fab Olivia Mew and get a custom card from her.  You can also get cards from Olivia Mew  in Hudson’s bay and Shoppers Drugmart when you buy a Biotherm product.

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