Beautiful Bulgaria


Welcome to Bulgaria!

Recently I wrote about how Montenegro was my favourite country but today I’m going to tell you about my second favourite — Bulgaria.

Bulgaria!? Isn’t that one of those really poor, backwards countries? No! Yes the trams can be updated and the wages are scarily low but the country is chock-full of the nicest people you’ll ever meet, low prices and a wide variety of activities.

The capital city, Sofia, is a likely starting point in this former communist country. The public transportation system is highly effective and only costs about $0.70 per ride and, although the hostel I stay at was so cheap that I was spending about $100 a week, food included!

Google Maps had just arrived in Bulgaria and so there was display in the town centre
The new metro line had to be reroute because of ancient ruins!
Sofia has an amazing blend of new Soviet-style buildings and ancient structures

Just outside the city, you can visit Mount Vitosha — either to hike or ski, depending on the season. An hour south brings you to a small mountain range and the Seven Lakes Region. Other popular sites in Bulgaria include Veliko Turnovo — the medieval capital of Bulgaria and Varna — the sea coast capital on the Black Sea.

This was my view from a patio one day while working
Hiking in the Seven Lakes Region
Tsarevets — built in the 12th century

Even though I spent a month in Bulgaria, I didn’t visit Varna (I thought that March would be a bit too cold to visit the sea!) but it is definitely on my list for next time!

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