Aviators will be around forever. They originally became popular in the 1960’s after Ray-Ban came out with the very first pair. They’re still popular today, and definitely a go-to style as far as sunglasses go.

Aviators are both practical and cute. They fit almost every face shape, due to their oval-esque shape, and they also provide great sun coverage, as the lenses are typically large. Plus, you can get them in many different colors.

None of this really matters as long as their cute, though, so here are some of our favorite aviators.

colorful aviators

The Specs

  1.  Kenneth Coal Women’s Metal Aviator Sunglasses – $55.00
  2.  Ray-Ban RB3479 Folding Aviator – $244.95
  3.  Juicy Couture Sunglasses 529 – $120.00
  4.  Marc by Marc Jacobs Aviator Sunglasses – $98
  5.  Modcloth Vintage Kickstart the Season Sunglasses – $19.99



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