Artemano Launches Khmer Collection

Canada’s favorite contemporary furnishing boutique is taking another step in bringing the best that the world has to offer to us by launching the Khmer ceramic dinnerware Collection.

The collection is handcrafted in Cambodia and will add a splash of drama and can be used in a multitude of dining settings while accentuating and showcasing the natural colours of food.

tumbler copy 2

Artemano’s creations originate from South and Southeast Asia, particularly India, Indonesia and Thailand. It is there that an unrelenting quest for substance unfolds: ancestral, exotic pieces rich in local flavor and craftsmanship are selected and shipped to Canada, then re-purposed in a more functional design that fits the Western way of life where their new life begins.

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Being a huge believer in fair trade, Artemano works  directly with local governments to implement sound harvesting methods and operational practices, so that disturbances to forests are kept to a strict minimum.



They, alrice bowl copyso, make it a point to partner with certified sustainable suppliers that meet the strict reforestation guidelines enforced by local governments. As a result, the companies that Artemano chooses to associate itself with share their social commitment to local communities and provide a platform for local artisans to showcase their talents.

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One of the reasons we’re really excited about the collection is knowing that Artemano has excellent tastes in what they chose to showcase in their 9 Canadian stores. And the collection is an example of the type of products that not only make a difference in the developing countries, and are of a superior quality as well.


This post is in collaboration with Artemano.

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