Arm Candy?

 My love for arm candy came from my mother, who won’t leave the house without at least four bracelets shinning on her wrist. I too, can’t leave the house without a bit of arm candy, it completes my outfit in a way I never thought possible. I find my inspiration for wrist-wear mostly on Instagram or Pinterest. I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of photos yourself with a Michael Kors watch and bling on either side, it’s like a rainbow on your wrist and I can’t get enough of it! I’ve even been known to take a few Instagram pics of my arm candy once in a while.

Wondering how to create the perfect masterpiece? The key is to make sure it enhances your outfit rather than distracts from it. Arm candy can help add more emphasis to a specific colour on a patterned or multicoloured shirt or it can add a completely different colour to an otherwise simple (or in my case completely black) outfit. Here are a few of my favourite looks!

Arm Candy

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