Adidas PureBoost X: The Future of Women’s Running

Is 2016 the year of your best body? It is for me- mostly because Oprah told me that it should be. After breaking my ankle playing soccer  2 years ago, it has taken me a bit longer to get back into my regular routine of running, and playing soccer a few days a week. And the Canadian winters don’t help- especially if you like running outdoors like I do. I can spend hours in the gym, but the energy, and satisfaction I get from running on the tracks outdoors can’t be matched with weights or classes.


Adidas PureBoost X, girl running

Part of getting back into the running routine is finding the right pair of shoes that I feel support my ankle (because once you break something, it’s hard to not baby it for a long time), and I think I found the perfect pair- PureBOOST X from adidas.

Adidas PureBoost X

The running shoe is created for women, by women, as adidas worked with females athletes in the design and development process.

Based on years of testing and research with women everywhere, adidas has created a sleek, form-fitting running shoe built to meet the relentless energy of their active lifestyle. While most running shoes are adaptations of male shoes, PureBOOST X ($130) was designed with only the female athlete in mind resulting in a high performance meets high fashion running shoe for women.
Adidas PureBoost X
The petite, adaptive silhouette of PureBOOST X wraps the foot in style and rests it on a full length bed of thousands of energy infused BOOST™ foam capsules. The BOOST midsole provides energy in every step that will make running the best part of keeping fit.
So if you’re like me, and are on the hunt for the perfect running shoe this season, check them out, and see if they are the right tool to help you get your best body this year.





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