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Our Mission

Chic Darling promises to provide you with glitz, glamour and charm. Our  site and newsletter offers fun, chic, and colorful lifestyle tidbits from fashion to fitness; each injected with a healthy dose of charm. The Chic Darling team aims to delight, inspire and ultimately make your life sparkle from the inside out. We believe a smile is a woman’s best accessory, that sequins are appropriate no matter what the occasion and that some days simply require a glass of champagne. We hope to encourage your creative energy and add “sparkle and charm” to your day!


Our Team


Marissa Director

By day Marissa is a Business Operations Consultant, working all over North America; by night she writes about personal finance and entrepreneurship on Thirty Six Months, and manages the editorial team here. Chic Darling is a needed outlet since she works with men who stare at computers all day. She has MSc in Microbiology, a degree that has nothing to do with what she does, other than making her mom happy. She can hold a conversation about any sport, cars or the new device on the market. She can discuss red lipsticks like no other, and is love with the simple things in life. Traveling is her vice, although she doesn’t get to do it for pleasure anymore.  And you will never see her without 4 inch heels.

You can get in touch with her directly here


Sarah–  West Coast Editor

Sarah is a lifestyle and entrepreneurship blogger, who has a passion for media and travel. She lives in the Vancouver area of British Columbia with her husband and two dogs. She has her Bachelor of Business Administration, which afforded her a career in a corporate environment for a few years until she got bored and decided to turn to contact work and go it alone. Besides Chic Darling, her online home is Unsettle, where she teaches young professionals how to improve their lives and become solorpenuers by starting small, online microbussiness.

You can get in touch with her here


Madelyn– Fashion Editor

Madelyn Chung is an editor by day and a blogger by night. The self-proclaimed shopaholic and fashion/beauty/pop culture junkie takes pride in her knowledge of the latest trends and her ability to incorporate them into everyday life. A graduate of Ryerson University’s School of Journalism, Madelyn’s past stints include Lifestyle Editor at and Associate Editor of Digital Marketing at Rogers Digital Media. When she’s not writing or shopping, you can find her reading up on the latest fashion and celebrity gossip, live-tweeting during TV shows, and obsessing over anything Alexander McQueen and Chanel.


Regular Contributors

Jerry Film Editor

Jerry is a movie blogger/film essayist whose daytime job consists of marketing analytics. He’s been attending the Toronto International Film Festival for over a decade and will be making the move to Toronto shortly because he can see more movies here(there).


Vanessa G

Writer. Lifestyle Blogger. Aspiring Author. Book & coffee lover. Laughter is my medicine. Sarcasm is my second language. You can find here, on Twitter @VanessaGrillone  or Blog



Sahar is the California contributor to Chic Darling and considers herself lucky to live in the vast and confusing state (California that is). Her favorite places to be are: in the water (tropical temperatures preferred), on the beach, or in the backyard dining al fresco. She has a serious respect for Roy Choi, Eddie Huang, Joe Rogan, and anyone else who dares to break the mold. She is a surfer, a former tennis player, and loves to talk about cleansers and moisturizers for days. The perfect definition of tom-boy in heels is Sahar.

Tahnya Kristina

Tahnya Kristina is a professional financial writer and lifestyle blogger at My Diary Entry.  At 30 years old she left her comfy bank job to go back to school and follow her dream of becoming a writer. She now works full time in corporate communications.  Tahnya Kristina loves helping people become a better version of themselves including landing their dream job, getting their personal finances in order and finding personal happiness.  She loves yoga, swimming and anything else outside where she can work on her tan.  You can spot her on the weekend in her American Eagle jeans and flip flops – when she’s not in 4 feet of Montreal snow. You can get in contact with her here.


Arielle is writer, blogger, fashion lover as well as news and pop culture junkie. With graduation right around the corner, Arielle hopes to pursue a career in broadcast and print journalism. With experience in both PR and social media, she hopes to continue writing and sharing her experiences along the way. Passionate about people, places and the world around her, Arielle always views the glass as half full and hopes to make a difference in her lifetime.
You can usually find this social gal either talking or giggling somewhere. Arielle is also a serious dog lover, especially for her little furry pal, Riley.
Katie is a recent college grad who just cannot get enough of people asking her “So what’s next for you!?” She also enjoys every single reality TV show on the planet, buying books and never reading them, and scented candles. She also prides herself on being able to relate to every Taylor Swift song.




Chic Darling is always searching for exciting fashion, tech or travel news, trend stories. If you have a charming idea about a designer, product, website, or trend that you think is perfect for the Chic Darling we’d love to hear about it. Send a brief outline of your background and idea to: [email protected]

You are welcome to send any product(s) for editorial review but please note that samples that need to be returned will not be accepted unless sender arranges for pickup and shipping.


General Feedback/Questions

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