A LONDON STEAL – The Fabulous On-A-Budget Guide to London’s Hidden Chic

We’re big on fashion and travel here at Chic Darling, and what brings both together better than a guide on how to be FABULOUS on a budget while in London? I’ve been yearning to go to London England since before I can remember. I’ve dreamt about visiting Big Ben, seeing William Shakespeare’s birthplace, and soaking up all that is literary in that wet and (supposedly dreary) city. Now that I’m in my twenties and thinking seriously about said trip I also want to add a little FABULOUSNESS to my time in London (whenever that happens) and I’ve found just the guide to do it.


A LONDON STEAL – The Fabulous On-A-Budget Guide to London’s Hidden Chic by Elle Ford is a Two Part Guide, covering all that is necessary for a trip to London. This guide begins with the perfect thrift shops and vintage stores in London, flows into the PERFECT shoes for walking the streets (as well as a few tips and tricks to keeping them scuff and smell free), and slides into The Essentials: from coffee to cocktails to a night on the town.

 A London Steal

What I love about this guide is its specifics. The descriptions of the boutiques, bars, coffee shops, and restaurants are simply divine. Elle lets you know where to go, what to wear, and what you will spend, and this girl is trying to say your hard-earned cash! I found myself Googling several of the locations and cannot wait until the day I can walk into The Bridge for a coffee or walk down Portobello Road  — the world’s largest antique market.


“And it is in my personal opinion that anyone who is inherently fabulous, is, regardless of bank balance, because those worth their weight in fun are always willing to seek it.


All you have to do now, is turn up.” (Page 81)


Synopsis: Elle Ford, isn’t going to wait until forty to be fabulous and she doesn’t think you should either. London is one of the most vibrant, alternative and culturally international cities on the planet. It’s also famously expensive. To gather the street-chic secrets from the looks to the lifestyle of a seemingly effortless London Girl; author, illustrator, club PR, vintage dealer girl about town Elle delved past the obvious, harassed her friends, colleagues and more than a few strangers. This unique budget style guide reveals the tricks to funding the fabulous, via the chicest of charity shops and the coolest of bars and clubs, on the tightest of student incomes and less.


A London Steal is available on Amazon.com



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