A Foodie’s Best Friend

Thanks to Melissa Doyle and Alexander Perri , I’ve had the pleasure of testing out a new app on my iPhone called FoodShootr . I’m a food-lover and I enjoy writing restaurant reviews! I find myself constantly taking snapshots of my meals and posting them on Instagram! Well, I am thrilled to report that I have found an app that combines the best of Instagram and Foursquare made specifically for FOOD.


You can link this app to your Twitter and Facebook, search for a venue, follow your friends, post pictures of your favourite meal and make them look even more delectable with plenty of filters to choose from. This is what my profile looks like — add me when you download the app!

What I love about this app is how easy it is to use and work with. I love the colour scheme and I love how clean and romantic-looking this app is — perfect to support my love affair with good food.




** Date of release is TBA and it it only for iPhone… for now **



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