A Call for Class

Ladies please!

The other day, while twitter stalking (you know you do it), I found a real-life Fake Girl. You know the type — fake nails, fake tan, fake hair, fake, fake, fake.

My question is the perpetual one — do these girls think that they look good? Follow-up question for any men that might read Chic Darling — do you find this attractive in a woman?

In French, to have self-confidence is called confidence en soi — literally confidence in yourself. I think that the French is a bit more accurate of a description for what these women do not have — confidence in themselves.

The girl in the above picture is no doubt pretty but why does she feel that she needs to wear a shirt cut to her belly button and to spend countless hours spray tanning, eyebrow-painting-on and making herself up? What society does this girl live in?

This girl is classy. Natural make-up, natural hair, appropriate clothing.

Could I be biased because of my Catholic school upbringing where I couldn’t wear skirt above the knee, have wild make-up and hair and had buttons-to-the-neck shirts? Maybe. But I definitely think that society would be better off seeing less of this:

and more of this:


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  1. Urgh I totally agree – it’s such a shame these pretty girls actually uglify themselves in their attempts to look “hot” xx

  2. I don’t personally find the fake-girl look very attractive, but I don’t necessarily agree the world would be a better place without them. Obviously there are plenty of guys out there who love that look, so what’s the harm in it? They aren’t hurting anyone.

  3. I’m with Kyle. This post makes me sad. Yes, I wish girls knew they looked good without spray tans and barely-there clothes. But to say they aren’t classy is pure judgment. People feel confident for any number of reasons. Who are we to judge what makes other people happy?

  4. I agree with Cait, as is often said ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’. People have different views/opinions/visions of certain things, that is what makes the world a more interesting place. Just because we personally don’t like something it doesn’t mean that it is wrong or shouldn’t happen. If somebody wants to wear a short skirt, good for them! If somebody likes to cover neck to feet, good for them! Imagine how upset you’d feel if somebody wrote a post like this on the way you dressed or applied make-up, you’d probably be quite upset. I know I would. SinceIi’ve had a daughter I’ve learnt that I can’t judge people, it’s a hideous personality trait to show her. Sorry about the ramble!

  5. Where I live a lot of girls dress this way because they are showing how committed they are to self improvement. If you don’t have much cash or many opportunities, all you can do is make the best of what you do have – yourself. It might not be to your taste, but uber grooomed gym-a-holics are trying to demonstrate their own self worth.

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