8 Ways To Keep Your Hair From Drying Out This Winter

During the summer, high humidity levels can keep your hair soft and supple. However, as the temperatures drop, the humidity falls as well, and you might notice that your tresses start to dry out. To avoid stressed and fragile locks, look to the following eight tips for keeping your hair moisturized all winter long.

8 Ways To Keep Your Hair From Drying Out This Winter

Visit the Salon

Many people can’t afford to buy the most expensive shampoos, conditioners, and other hair products. However, salons often use the highest-quality products, so consider visiting more often for a wash and trim. Your stylist can recommend ways to keep your hair healthy based on the weather in your area. Additionally, regular trims prevent those dreaded split ends.

Ditch the Dryer

If you’re planning to stay indoors after you wash your hair, consider letting it air dry. High heat can increase your hair’s dryness and make your hair more prone to breakage. If you must blow-dry your hair before you style it, switch to the low heat setting. The same holds true for curling irons and straighteners. A leave-in conditioner can help prevent heat damage as well.

Use Better Conditioner

A deep conditioner helps moisturize your mane without weighing it down. Most brands recommend leaving in the conditioner for up to five minutes so that it can soak into the hair fibers before you wash it out. Check out some hair-care tips from Amway to learn which conditioners work best with different types of hair. If you have thin hair, a heavy conditioner could leave your locks looking limp and lifeless.

Skip the Dye

Every time you dye your hair, the chemicals dry out your hair shafts. To keep up your hair’s natural beauty, consider growing out the dye job and going bare for the winter. You might find that you like your hair’s natural color better anyway, and skipping the dye can make your hair more healthy throughout the year.

Use a Humidifier

Your home becomes even less humid in the winter than in the summer because your furnace leeches moisture from the air. Consider buying a portable humidifier to keep your hair moisturized. The humidifier will add some moisture to the air, which will prevent your hair from drying out. Humidifiers prove particularly useful overnight, so consider running one in your bedroom.

Drink More Water

Believe it or not, you can improve your hair’s moisture levels without touching a single strand. Add more water to your diet, which will increase your body’s moisture levels and improve your hair’s appearance, strength, and shine. You can also consume foods that contain water, such as soup, fruit, and vegetables.

Additionally, consider taking a multivitamin so that your hair has all the nutrition it needs to stay healthy. Vitamins A, E, and K offer excellent supplements to a healthy diet.

Wash and Brush Your Hair Less Often

Washing your hair often removes the oils that develop on your scalp, which might make your hair more prone to dryness. Consider switching to every other day or every third day to see how your hair reacts. If your hair gets too oily, you can wash it more often, but try to use less shampoo each time you get in the shower.

Brushing your hair too much can break off the hair shafts and leave the ends stringy. If your hair tangles easily, choose a wide-toothed comb to avoid breaking off brittle ends.

Embrace Loose Styles

Tight braids and severe buns pull on the hair, which can cause the shafts to break more easily. If your hair is already dry, you might notice thinning during the winter, especially if you style it tightly every day. Consider loosening up with a messy ponytail or a long, loose braid. Alternatively, let your tresses fly free. You can also wrap up your hair loosely in a scarf or hat to keep in moisture and to control your locks.

You don’t have to resign yourself to dry, brittle hair this winter, whether you prefer to wear it up or let it down. Instead, get proactive with cold weather-proof tricks that allow your hair’s natural beauty to shine through.

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  1. Great Post! And so true about the dye, I’m trying to grow out my colour as I actually realised how much I liked my natural colour…after all those years and trips to the salon haha! Love this 🙂

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