Gift Guide: What To Get Your Colleagues

It’s that time of the year again! With the holidays finally here, we’re starting to cross names off our holiday shopping list- unless you’re a last minute shopper in which case, good luck!


We all know the list- mom, dad, siblings, and the significant other all are relatively easy to buy for. We know them well enough to get them not only something that they want. But what do you get for your work spouse or colleague? You know the person that you sit beside every day- the one who knows you well enough to know that something is wrong at home, and will lend an ear without paying too much? Or the one who you share lunches, and coffee runs with? Yes, they don’t go on the family list, but they are someone that you get something for anyway.


And if you’re anything like me, and don’t know what to get your colleagues, we have you covered with these creative ideas!


8 Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas for Co-Workers




This is by far, my favorite thing to give because it allows the recipient to not only enjoy a nice dinner but bring someone else to share the experience with them. It’s kind of a 2 for 1 present.




8 Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas for Co-workers

Yes, flowers. Most people don’t think of flowers as a holiday gift, but that doesn’t mean that they are not appropriate for those who may not celebrate the holidays at the same time. Flowers are easy to give, and perfect for those co-workers who may not be in the same office as you, but still make a difference in your life. There are a bunch of sites that make sending flowers really easy – one of our favorites is, an online florist that offers same-day flower delivery to Melbourne, Toronto, and other cities worldwide. You find the kind you like, and pay and they take care of everything. No need to leave your computer.




One glance of Instagram tells you that notebooks are all the rage these days. Especially ones with cute sayings or have anything pink or gold on it. Think Kate Spade. Another great gift idea for a co-worker is getting an agenda. If getting something pink is not your cup of tea, you can also try the moleskin line. They have great ones.




This one is only recommended if you know the person well enough. Scent can be a sensitive subject, so only go here if you know that they a) like candles, and b) aren’t allergic to a specific smell.




Viña Kaiken, 8 Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas for Co-workers

Everyone loves wine. Well, almost everyone. Wine can be an easy present or a tough one. If your recipient is wine connoisseur then perhaps try Viña Kaiken. Founded in 2002 with the aim of uniting the best of both sides of the Andes outstanding winegrowing conditions in Argentina and highly professional winemaking know-how from Chile. The assortment comprises of 11 wines: 1 sparkling, 3 whites, and 7 reds.




Yes, this is different, but also a great way to spread a little holiday cheer by doing some good. One of the most popular things at our office is to give a goat to a village, or 30 soccer balls to kids who need them instead of buying something that your co-worker might not even want.



Chapters scarf, 8 Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas for Co-workers

This is the perfect gift idea for those who are super crafty and want to make something. Not says loved like something practical and handmade. This is definitely the cheapest of the 8 Cheap Christmas gift ideas for co-workers.



8 Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas for Co-workers

You can never go wrong with a little bit of bling. Holiday jewelry is such an easy idea. These can be simple pieces like stud earrings or extravagant like statement necklaces. We’re in love with pretty much everything from Olive and Piper. You can’t go wrong with anything from that store.


Image c/o Olive and Piper

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