5 Tips for Having the Best Thanksgiving Decorations

Thanksgiving is approaching, and you’re still not ready for it. You have yet to plan your meal, make arrangements with family members, and of course, decorate. How do you end up with the best Thanksgiving decorations on the block when it gets down to crunch time? Check out these options below.


Repurpose Materials Around the House

Save money on your decorations this year and make them one-of-a-kind with your own DIY projects. You’ll even save time on the trip to the store. To really wow your guests and your neighbors, consider one of these DIY projects:

  1. Hanging gourds. Do you have construction paper and a pair of scissors handy? Then this project will be easy. Check out how to do it here.
  2. Fall roses. Need a beautiful and creative centerpiece, but can’t run to the store for flowers? Head to your back yard and pick up a few leaves to make these incredible fall roses.
  3. Wreath. If you’re looking for a DIY project that will impress your neighbors, try a DIY fall wreath. It will spice up your front door, and you can make it as unique as you’d like. Don’t like the idea of a wreath on your door? Attach pine cones to strings of ribbon and hang those instead!

Light it Up

Okay, so you really want your home to shine this year around Thanksgiving. Why not literally make it shine? Get a head start on your Christmas decorations by putting up lights at Thanksgiving. But you don’t have to settle with run-of-the-mill traditional lighting. You can give your outdoor and indoor string of lights a twist with one of these unique ideas from pinterest.

Dress Up the Table

Sometimes worrying so much about cooking a great meal can get overwhelming — so overwhelming that you forget about decorating your table. This year, dress it up nicely to bring your guests into the fall spirit. Start by covering your table with a fall-themed tablecloth. Even a neutral one will do the trick and instantly add a formal touch to your dining room.

Next, consider adding a festive runner as a focal piece. This part is optional, but it will add more visual appeal to the room. Finally, finish off your table design with fresh fall-themed centerpieces and the best dishes in your kitchen. If you want to spruce up your decor even more, consider adding candles to the table to set the mood and putting place cards in front of each setting to really give an elegant flair.

Get Creative With Your Food

Image via Flickr by slgckgc

Who’s to say that you can’t cook an awesome meal and create your decorations at the same time? Kill two birds with one stone by making your Thanksgiving meal a decoration of its own. Start with something like the turkey-shaped butter above. If you want to get creative with snacks, try this cute fruit dish. It doesn’t have to be all about turkeys, though. Make up some pilgrim hat cookies, or treat your guests to bite-sized acorn treats.

Go Traditional

If you don’t feel you have the eye or the time for DIY projects, a quick trip to the store could be all you need. Grab a few pumpkins from the grocery store while you’re there, and arrange them on your porch to give your front door that fall look. The stores are booming with fall-themed centerpieces this time of year, so it’s just a matter of deciding which one you like. Choose something classic, like a cornucopia, or opt for a simple candle holder complete with leaves, pinecones, and other fall themed items.

Making your home one of the most well decorated places on the street doesn’t have to be timely or expensive. Get the kids involved to help make things more fun, and then follow the ideas above to make your guests look in awe at your fantastic Thanksgiving decorations. How will you be decorating your home this November? Will you end up using any of the tips or DIY projects mentioned here? Let us know!


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