5 Things to Consider While Vacationing Abroad

For women taking a vacation abroad, preparation and planning go a long way in creating a fantastic trip. When traveling internationally, these five considerations will help guarantee your vacation is safe, well-planned, and an unforgettable experience.


Preparation is Paramount

Depending on where you’re traveling, getting the proper vaccinations may be very important. You do not want to get sick—or very sick—while traveling abroad. Research the region you are traveling and obtain the necessary vaccinations. Also, check with your healthcare insurance provider to make sure you’re covered abroad. If not, you may need to buy supplemental or travel insurance for your trip.

In addition, registering with your embassy is wise. In most cases, it is as simple as visiting your embassy’s website. When registered, you receive notifications via email if your travel destinations becomes unsafe and offered help if a situation does arise while vacationing.

Finesse Your Finances

Smart travelers plan multiple methods to pay for their trip. Although bringing some foreign currency is wise, you shouldn’t exchange all of your money before leaving. In almost all cases, it is cheaper to convert money in your host country than at home. Typically, you can even exchange money at your destination’s airport.

Unless you’re traveling to the most remote regions of the world, you’ll be able to pay for almost everything with credit cards and debit cards. Use debit cards at ATM machines sparingly, however, as most banks charge a foreign currency fee—usually one to three percent of the transaction. Choosing a travel friendly credit card is also a good idea. Most of these credit cards waive international fees and offer perks on international lodging and flights.

Choose the Right Accommodations for You

Lodging really comes down to preference. If nice hotel accommodations are important—but you are traveling on a budget—then you may have to compromise on location. Hotels in sought-after areas will always be more expensive. However, if your destination has a subway system, or other form of reliable public transportation, then a nice hotel near public transportation is a good solution. Conversely, if you prefer to walk to nearby attractions from your hotel, while staying on budget, you’ll have to compromise on amenities.

Cheap and commonly in great locations, hostels are a good option for many budget travelers. For women vacationing abroad, however, it is important to understand that many hostels’ cheapest options are in shared rooms. It is common for up to 10 men and women to share a room with bunk beds. If you are uncomfortable with this, many hostels also offer affordable private rooms.

Stay Informed and In Touch

Your ability to stay in touch with home will probably depend solely on electronic devices, such as your cellphone. It is very important to set up an international plan through your service provider before departing. Typically, an international plan is inexpensive, temporary, and highly beneficial. International plans, for instance, offer unlimited data and texting in over 120 countries. When researching information or contacting home becomes crucial, you’ll be grateful to have a dependable international plan to avoid any issues.

Common Sense, Security, and Safety

For women vacationing abroad, safety and security are top considerations. For the most part, understanding your surroundings, being diligent and mindful, traveling with a companion, and common sense go a long way to keeping you safe. At heavily tourist-trekked destinations, pickpocketing and purse snatching are always a concern. Instead of a purse, women should carry travel wallets holding their money, credit cards, and passport in their front pocket. Many travel wallets are designed specifically for this. Keeping your travel wallet in your front pocket and locking your luggage zippers are both excellent ways to thwart theft.  

Remember, planning for a vacation abroad is like planning for anything. With a little mindfulness, preparation, and information, your vacation in a foreign country can be safe, within budget, comfortable, and an incredible experience.


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