5 Beauty Products You Should Never Take That Long Flight Without

Long haul flights take a toll on you in many ways. Beyond jetlag and its attendant disorientation, a long trip by air can also have several negative effects on your skin, leaving it looking dry and dull.

5 Beauty Products You Should Never Take That Long Flight WithoutIt is important that you step off the plane looking as beautiful as you entered it and not as if you spent the entire flight in the cargo hold, so, here are five beauty products you must take on a long airplane trip, and to get you looking like a celebrity when you make a grand arrival.

  • Wipes

Not just facial wipes to cleanse your face and keep your skin fresh, but also perfumed wipes to keep you smelling good. It’s a long trip and you’re not going to be able to take a shower. In addition to this, it is also wise to have a supply of antibacterial wipes, with which you can wipe surfaces like seat arms and safety belts etc. Take note that airplane aisle seats are the worst for germs.


  • Water

For long haul flights, dehydration comes with the territory and in order to avoid its risk, you need to take along your own supply of drinking water. You cannot rely on what will be given to you on the plane to be enough. Drink lots of water before the flight and at least a small-sized bottle every hour. The added advantage is the movement frequent toilet visits will afford you, which is necessary during long flights.


  • Moisturisers

Without fresh air in the encapsulated environment of a plane and the air conditioning on, your skin can become dehydrated during a long flight. Good moisturizing products are among the things beauty pros won’t travel without and neither should you. You can find instructions for using them in many how-to videos for cosmetics. It is important to keep your face, hands and nails well moisturized during the flight. Have a rich lip balm handy too.


  • Eye Cream

Applied just before your plane takes off, a good, rich eye cream will protect the skin around your eyes from the harsh pressurized air for the long haul and ensure that you get off the plane without tired-looking, puffy eyes- even if you sleep during the flight.


  • Concealer

Wearing make-up when you have a long flight to take is not a good idea, but carry a concealer along with you to give your face a fresh look, just before you reach your destination. Yes, you can use a concealer without first applying foundation. Add a touch of a good moisturizing lipstick and you’re good to go!

Carrying these five essentials on long flights will ensure that you don’t just look good at the end of it, but also feel good. When you’re arriving anywhere new, you need to be ready to make an impression. Whether you’re taking an economy flight for a business trip, or making a splash in Dubai, there’s nothing to say you shouldn’t go through airport customs feeling fabulous!


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