48 Hours in London: The Best Places to Visit

London is an amazing city to explore. There is an endless array of attractions to visit, from gorgeous castles to some of the most beautiful parks you have ever seen. Taking a drive around London can be a great way to spend your holiday whether you live in the city or just visiting.  With London being as big as it is, you might not know what to focus when you first get into town!

Fret not, we’ve gone ahead and pulled together a 48-hour guide to London to help you find the best places to go, best things to see, and great places to eat.

Only have 48 hours in London? Here are The Best Places to Visit in London- including Big Ben.


London has an excellent tube and bus system and getting is a breeze, but you are dependent on the schedule and the crowds.

If you want to drive around London, you’ll need to have a full driving license, and be aware of the congestion charge. You can find mock exams that will help you pass the theory portion of your test on the Top Tests’ website, and may also want to practice city driving before heading to the English capital.


London is full of unexpected gems. We recommend staying out of the city centre so you’re forced to explore the outskirts of town. Obviously, hotels are awesome, but if you’re looking for a more personal experience, check out FG Properties.

Only have 48 hours in London? Here are The Best Places to Visit in London, and where to stay. This FG Properties unit in Kensington in London is beautifulThey have apartments all over the city, and you get to live like a local for a few days. Because that’s how London should be experienced.

Only have 48 hours in London? Here are The Best Places to Visit in London, and where to stay. This FG Properties unit in Kensington in London is beautiful


Obviously, the major sites like Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Tower of London, Trafalgar Square and Buckingham Palace are already on your list. If they are not, go ahead and add them.

Only have 48 hours in London? Here are The Best Places to Visit in LondonBut what happens when you’re done seeing those lovely places or are looking for the best places to visit in London that won’t be filled with crowds. Here is what we suggest!

Here is what we suggest!

The Tate Modern

Even if you are not a big art fan, the Tate Modern is a must-visit whenever you’re in London. The place is just a few minutes away from the Millennium Bridge and a drive to this spot is a breeze. You’ll love the architecture of this art gallery from the moment you arrive. It combines classic accents with remarkable modern architecture lines.

The first floor hosts a café that is also interesting to spend time in. Once you’re ready, you can take a walk and access the 2nd floor. Inside, you will find a vast collection of modern art from the 1900s. Want to see some of Picasso’s best works? The Tate Modern has them displayed for you.

Your visit shouldn’t end there. Get your camera ready and stop out to the 3rd-floor balcony for some breathtaking sceneries. From here, you can admire the beauty of the River Thames. You can also see the Millennium Bridge clearly. At sunset, the place is simply magical.

Primrose Hill

Regent’s Park is perhaps more famous than this particular spot, but you can’t really visit London without taking your time to enjoy Primrose Hill. It is the most exclusive area in London – the poshest neighbourhood, shall I say – and it offers an unrivalled view of the London skyscrapers.

You will have to park somewhere near Regent’s Park and walk a little bit to get to Primrose Hill, but (again) the drive here offers a scenic look at the city and can be very enjoyable too. Once you’re at Primrose Hill, sit down and simply admire the city’s absolute beauty.

London’s East End

The East End is an area in London famous for being very hip and modern, in particular, Shoreditch and Spitalfields. Take a quick drive around the area and you won’t help but feel as if you’re in another city. Signs of London’s retro architecture can still be seen here and there, but the more modern aura of the area will make you love this place even more.

Be sure to take your time and visit the Old Spitalfields Market. It is a Victorian market hall that’s always fun to explore. You can also take a drive around the area and be amazed by the beautiful graffiti covering the walls here.

Notting Hill

One of the top destinations on any movie lover’s list. Notting Hill provides the quiet charm that is so quintessentially British.

Piccadilly Square 

Only have 48 hours in London? Here are The Best Places to Visit in London including Piccadilly Square

Regardless of whether you love shopping, the theatre or just people watching, Piccadilly Square should be on every first timer’s list. While we don’t recommend coming here for the best dining experience, the atmosphere is certainly something that you need to experience.  With Piccadilly Square being less than a 10-minute walk away from Trafalgar Square, this is an excellent starting point to get to know the city.

Insider tip: There’s a bookstore with a quaint coffee shop facing Trafalgar Square that serves the best latte’s (or tea if you’re so inclined). Perfect spot for a quick break.


London is a wonderful place to visit, and one of the few places where you spend a day or two and see all the major sites or spend years and feel like you haven’t seen anything at all.





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