3 Ways to Look Good Even When Your Tired

Do you ever get people telling you that you “look tired”? I consider that quite the insult. If I ever think somebody physically looks tired, it’s because they are seriously looking like a ragamuffin. Or maybe they have big dark circles under their eyes or no color in their skin.

I know what feeling and looking tired is like, especially after working full-time and being a full-time student. It’s not fun. But there’s no reason to look tired just because you are, and it’s pretty important to look put together even after a restless night or a busy day.

Here are three ways to ensure that you look spry even when you aren’t:

Eye Drops

It’s truly amazing how ragged bloodshot eyes can make you look. Blood shot eyes are a sign of lack of sleep, looking at a computer screen for too long, crying, stress, or illness.

Clearly, having blood shot eyes really doesn’t help you look your most put together.

Clear, white eyes do. So for days that you know you’ll be running around, and it’s important to look put together for some reason or another, bring along some eye drops for the road.

Lip Color

If you are one of those people that have those nice, naturally pink or red lips, you are lucky. I’m not. And I find that being ultra pale to begin with, sometimes my natural lip color can make me look.. well, dead.

Looking dead is far from ideal when you have a conference or business meeting to get to, so I would recommend lip stain to keep it fresh all day long.


A surefire way to look like you’re run ragged is having wrinkly clothes.

The difference between somebody who is well dressed and somebody who isn’t doesn’t come down to the brand name or price of their clothing, it’s all to do with the way their clothing looks. If the clothes look like you pulled them out from the bottom of a heap of laundry, you need to either iron or steam the wrinkles right out of them.


Those three things will go a long way toward helping you look put together, and hopefully never hear the words “you look tired” again.


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