3 New Nail Trends to Try This Spring

Have you been neglecting your nails this winter? The cold weather has a lot to answer for: figure-hiding fashion, damaged hair, and dry skin, being some of the worst side effects winter offers. We usually open our bleary eyes in February and ask ourselves “what went wrong?”

 But it’s okay, ladies, there’s still enough time to pull it all back before the summer. Revitalise your beauty treatments now: pluck those eyebrows, shave those legs, and deep condition your locks before the days begin to heat-up. And don’t forget to pay attention to your hands!

With all the jaw-dropping, spring fashions this year, it’s time to up your game and start getting season-perfect fingernails with our top three nail trends this season.


Pale Nails

NIG08 Selena OPINIF05 My Jay or the Highway NIF07 Alex by the Books


Creamy, milky nail shades have been on the fashion scene since last year, so it’s no wonder that they’re back in this spring. It’s a minimalist look that’s won the hearts of women all across the country. Pale nails are ideal for women who don’t like their talons to be too attention-seeking, but they want something different to the usual frenchies.

Fresh and feminine, chalky nails match almost any style. We raised eyebrows when we saw Marc Jacobs, Rag & Bone, and the Chanel models supporting this toned-down and classy fashion, because they were the last designers we expected to fly the pale nail flag! Just goes to show that everyone who’s anyone is wearing minimal nail art this season, so try adding a few chilled out varnishes to your repertoire.

 L-R NIG08 Selena, NIF05 My Jay or the Highway, NIF07 Alex by the Books


Two Tone Manicures

NIG10 Love Song NIG13 Pretty in Plum NLT61_ITheodoraYou

With two tone manicures, you can have the best of both worlds. Instead of dizzyingly bright hues, spring is the season of gentle and natural tones, so balance out rich colours with neutral shades. You can still get the drama you want without being too overbearing. This season’s trends are all about playing it cool, even when you’re trying to make a statement such as accessorising for a wedding.

If you’re stuck for ideas on how to apply your two toner nail art, mix up the French manicure by painting the tips of your nails the darker colour, but choose tones that complement your skin tone. Top tip: use a thin, precision brush to apply, otherwise this fashion-must could turn into a style slump.

 L-R: NIG10 Love Song, NIG13 Pretty in Plum, NLT61_ITheodoraYou

Speckled Nail

NLT58_WhenMonkeysFly NLT60_WhichisWitch NLT62_WhatWizardryisThis

A girl needs a bit of glitter in her life. The cool part of this trend is that your rock have a little or a lot. You have the ability to use glitter on the tips as a french tip, or one ring finger, or paint your entire hand. Sometimes a little bling is all your need to bring an outfit to life.

Designed to look like the spotted shells of bird eggs, this fashion trend is hatching just at the right time of year. Available in limited edition pastel shades, the effect is like the shell of a Cadbury egg, rather than anything you’d see in a nest, leaving you with an amazing, cute finish.

 L-R: NLT58 WhenMonkeysFly, NLT60 WhichisWitch, NLT62 What Wizardry is This



Zoe Williams is a freelance beauty blogger who is currently writing on behalf of leading beauty supplier Salons Direct, who stock an extensive range of hair care, nail care and salon supplies

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