3 Great Foods That Will Make Your Skin Glow

Some may say that foods making your skin glow is a myth, but at Chic Darling, we’re not buying it. A study was released that shows a correlation between eating more fruits and vegetables, and others finding you more attractive.

So there must be some truth behind it and car0tenoids are proven to help your skin regain that pretty glow.

Here are some foods to help set you on your way to pretty, glowing skin!


Most orange fruits and veggies have a ton of carotenoids in them, but we wanted to feature carrots because they are also easily accessible and delicious!




Shellfish, believe it or not, is also good for your skin. It helps that it’s delicious. You didn’t think we were going to focus JUST on the rabbit food, did you?



Cayenne Pepper

Eat enough of this stuff, and your skin will be glowing from the heat! (Psst – it’s a great way to temporarily plump your lips, too). Cayenne pepper is packed full of the good stuff, and will leave your skin looking bright and pretty if you consume it regularly.




Luckily, these foods are delicious, so you don’t have to sacrifice your palate for pretty skin.



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